Well as you will know if you have been following our journey through home ed I have been struggling with my eldest daughters Maths (our last tutor having passed away before Jess officially started home ed meant I didn’t have his help with it) well week one under the wing of our lovely new tutor and the key was Hundreds tens and units (slaps forehead!!) anyone who knows me will know this is how to this day I add but I have been so busy trying to teach Jess the “school” way I never once thought to use the way I was taught! Dur moment or what!

Well they are already coming on leaps and bounds and I no longer have to worry about missing anything important.

For those who maybe reading this who are interested in home ed and thinking I can’t afford that you don’t have to I just find it best for us :0)

Anyway here are some snippets of this weeks work.