Ok so first thing first, we have had loads happen this year and obviously when family life fills up there is probably always that question about juggling life “dramas” and education.

We have had an amazing year kids have been doing individual work based on BBC bitesize and for Emily her speech and language and reading words then both reading as normal. Actually with 4 adults in the house Emily has been reading more than ever and totally bloomed in it with so many ears to hear her. Tom and jess still read by themselves and to Emily. 

On top of this we have done our normal wall display too based on their main subject of animals from around the world based on the animals found in longleat. Moving onto this month enclosures and comparisons to different zoos across the world 

But juggling this with moving the parents, emptying our house for them to move in with us, finding a house (which we have and it’s beautiful!) 

Sorting Thomas and Emily EHCPs, getting tom into a college, starting work (only 10 hours a week), still rehabilitating our beautiful rescue pup Benny and finding a mortgage and completing on a house and the normal doctor appointments it’s safe to say it’s been difficult ????.

I don’t think I could have done it without J&B relieving me off some of the stains helping with school work, house work and cooking (haven’t had to cook for ages it’s wonderful). So it’s really no wonder I haven’t had the time to blog ????.

But it has been a very exciting time to say the least. We are getting ready to wrap up over summer and choose a project for next year for the girls and for Thomas it will be all based on to compliment his college work.

So for us life is getting exciting and complicated for a while no matter how much you love and get on with someone living together in a small house is never easy (for starters with 7 in a house with one toilet sometimes you have to wait ????) but all in all loving life and seeing my eldest flourish so much and talk about their futures having the first bird gain some independence via college is amazing (scary as hell) but knowing it’s right for him is amazing. 

Next two years for jess will be preparing her for college educationally and can’t wait to have more time with all of them one on one and having somewhere for the kids to escape to when they need it so close at hand (parents staying in this house and new house 100 yards away!) everything seems ok.
I have good friends I can trust, kids have friends they see, tom has already made a friend who will hopefully be in his course a young lady with similar issues seeing them talking was lovely (the mum of whom I was nattering too while we waited for them). 

I have really surprised myself too so much change and I am still clinging on and actually coping really well (ok so I still have the odd meltdown when dog jumps on sofa after a muddy walk after a busy day but who doesn’t?) 

Loving life and knowing I have done a good job with tom in home ed is an amazing feeling (hard to explain any more than that) ❤️