Today Paul didn’t come because as wednesday went on we got the odd flurry of snow by this morning these small light flakes not amounting to much became bigger and started to lay we were expecting a lot so wednesday night I called Paul to cancel . And we just got on with the day I did house work the kids enjoyed the snow as it came down.naturally the dogs thought this was wonderful and really enjoyed snow chasing (and no we don’t have odd bits of white rubbish all over the garden that was the snow coming down Thursday morning.

As the snow started to lay the kids set about gathering it up to make a snow cat, by lunchtime we ran out of soap powder and milk as Ocado had had so many panic buyers adding milk and bread to their orders they had sold out and we hadn’t got any this week we had similar issues trying to get some from the shops in town too. Not sure what it is but a day or two of snow expected and people suddenly think they are going to eat 20X the amount of milk and bread they normally do ha ha.Anyway when by mid day the snow was coming down very hard and fast and our garden was becoming more and more white Emily and I headed to the shop for soap powder.Just because no soap powder in this house for a few days without a snow day means a week of trying to catch up with washing let alone adding to it wet clothes from being out in the snow.When we got back the kids spent the whole afternoon out playing in it.By time Duncan had to come home he had to walk as it was so thick our little car had become stranded in Morrisons which was as far home as it made it.we had a foot by 7pm when the kids went to bed and for quite time by bed time as shown in photos we had 18 inches.Next day Duncan had to walk to work to try and get his last few stranded vans into the depot from the car park outside and I couldn’t get to work so we ended up having a second snow day.