Monday 13th: Isolation day 22: Easter Monday, Another lazy day taking things slowly girls are now on “holiday” so we are headed towards an easy week.

Tuesday 14th: Isolation day 23: Today I got some housework done, girls played while I did the normal housework needed, we then all sat down and did some music practice, made some meringue we were stuck in due to a neighbour replacing fencing at the bottom of our garden and couldn’t go out for a walk or bike ride due to awaiting our vegetable and fruit boxes but we still had a nice day spent most of it playing the guitars and piano and kids have now started the process of readying for bed (again in tents).

Wednesday 15th: Isolation day 24: today we ordered the children some garden games to help them through the isolation period without going mad and then we went out for a bike ride, we made it back just in time to eat our premade picnic lunch in the garden. being half term the afternoon was rather dull.

Thursday 16th: Isolation day 25: the children spent the day playing Card and board games playing everything from Uno, Risk, Cluedo to Dungeons and Dragons.

Friday 17th: Isolation Day 26: lazy day chilling out I started making Benny a New collar ready for his birthday tomorrow, other than that we had a pretty easy day.

Saturday 18th: Isolation day 27: today the plasterboard for Duncan’s shed arrived and he cracked on with that job, Thomas and Jessica both had there music lessons and I finished Benny’s collar to celebrate the day he came to us 4 years prior.

Our 4th year With Us birthday boy in his new collar ????

Sunday 19th: Isolation day 28: our last day of chilling before digging back into Hom ed life next week. Duncan spent the day plastering his shed while we all chilled out and watched him work lol.

Getting there slowly