Monday 27th: isolation day 36: today as doors were still wet we still couldn’t do a second coat so we painted the rest of the hall woodwork, pipes and radiator.

Tuesday 28th: isolation day 37: paintwork still wet ????????‍♀️ so we did English maths and then did some baking. We then say down to watch an awful musical that Thomas has to watch for his course it was terrible and called legally blonde the musical! It was so bad the girls went back to schoolwork and even Tom wanted to bail and just say he had watched half and tell his teacher it was so bad he couldn’t face the other half ???? but we paused it had a break and then tried again (it was still bad)

Wednesday 29th: isolation day 38: today they did English and maths then we caught up with some of the housework before looking into the newest virus information.

Thursday 30th: isolation day 39: unfortunately today was a bit of a bust as my ears were bad so we didn’t get much done at all, we decided enough was enough and rehung doors that still weren’t dry and loosely added door wear so dogs could have their bed back and Tom his room back from being a corridor (all the doors were drying in the actual hall) disgusted at this paint and decided that we wouldn’t be doing a second coat of it even when it does eventually dry and I spent the day trying to source actual Dulux gloss.

Friday 1st: isolation day 40: as Duncan has removed most of his office furniture into the new office by now we spent today moving the space around, we got a bit more tidying done, did some maths and reading girls didn’t want to do English so they wrote letters to their friends which I delivered later that evening once we got my car started again. We left the house for the first time to go shopping as we couldn’t get a delivery this week and we generally didn’t really get too much done.

Saturday 2nd: isolation day 41: Jessica and I went to B&Q today we brought everything we need to complete the rooms we have started including Dulux gloss after looking online to find queues hours long for sluggish websites that kept crashing sending you back into a new queue we heard they were reopening B&Q stores so planned it to get there as early as possible and made a massive list of everything we may need to complete the list of DIY I would like to achieve before returning to work.

Sunday 3rd: isolation day 42: today we had to leave to head to B&M we got up headed straight there and brought the last of the bits we needed and managed to get Emily a trampoline! So she is one very happy bean it’s not great but it will last for now.