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Autistic Burnout, the ultimate breakdown

This year things have happened at work which has led to the Ultimate Autistic burnout. An autistic Burnout like this takes months to recover from. But I will get there however, it is leading to us revaluating how best to… Continue Reading →

An Education made for your child!

Home education works so well for so many because its an education made for your child and not trying to force your child into boxes of averages. Anyone who has been following our journey will know, We have been slowly… Continue Reading →

Organising Home Schooling for multiple Children.

This post is about organising our home education journey. I would describe our family to be semi-structured. We have a Purple folder that goes everywhere with us and Inside it is all of the children’s work and it is how… Continue Reading →

Organising my rabble in their Home Ed

Organising my rabble takes some pre planning! here is how we do it. Juggling home ed, a toddler, ADHD child, little Miss independent and home chores while being Autistic myself takes some planning. So here I have added in how… Continue Reading →

A day Learning through life

Today Wednesday 20th April 2011 and it was a day of learning through life for our three. Due to Thomas having a doctors appointment first thing I planned a through life education for today to take the strain off.Having ADHD… Continue Reading →

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