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Follow our adventures at various home education groups. This includes Days out and general fun. All with the families our kids have grown up with.

Ours started as the youngest amongst the groups. This has taught them so much. They loved having older friends looking out for them. This has enabled them to learn to help with their little sister too. They are now the eldest in the clubs and are the ones looking out for others.

Here you will find all the adventures they had along the way.

Snow Warning VS life

Today Wednesday 28th February 2018 the UK got a snow warning. We were headed towards a lot of snow. However, at 8am this morning it was nowhere to be seen so Life won the challenge. We dropped Thomas to college… Continue Reading →

The 8 Year Old, 6 Year Old And The Toddler Vs A Busy Day

The 8 Year Old, 6 Year Old And The Toddler Vs A Busy Day what could go wrong? A very busy day starting with chores…… We got up had breakfast. The children cleaned the Roddy out while I tidied up… Continue Reading →

Tuesday 3rd May 2011 – All about butterflies with HEaT

Today Tuesday 3rd May 2011 the children have their HEaT meet up. So after our normal morning routine it was time to pack up some lunch. Today the children had their weekly group in Tidworth so we packed to go… Continue Reading →

Monday 2nd May 2011 – Social fun at Alderbury HE Group

Today is Monday 2nd May 2011. We started the day in weekend mode as Duncan was still off work. When Duncan’s off we like to take it easy. As he works 12 hour plus days rushing around. When he’s home… Continue Reading →

Celebrations of the Royal wedding Home ed style

Today was Friday 29th April 2011 and the day of Celebrations of the Royal wedding! Kate Middleton and married Prince William. Celebrations of the Royal Wedding! So we put structured learning to one side for the and and instead made… Continue Reading →

A day Learning through life

Today Wednesday 20th April 2011 and it was a day of learning through life for our three. Due to Thomas having a doctors appointment first thing I planned a through life education for today to take the strain off.Having ADHD… Continue Reading →

Amazing Easter fun at HEaT

Amazing Easter fun at HEaT! With Easter next week this was our last meet this term. Today was the first day of the groups extended hours it now goes on till 2pm. Although it must have been much later than… Continue Reading →

Home Ed Style! All in a days work!

Well we have had a busy day today Home Ed Style! These are the normal sort of days so easily forgotten but also the best days. Thomas and Jessica did 2 pages of each of their books today. Although as… Continue Reading →

Day Trip to their Activity And Social Groups

Off on a Day trip to their Salisbury groups: Today I went off on a day trip with the kids to their groups complete with picnics and in car activities for the kids. Today’s First we went to their Morning… Continue Reading →

Exploring a new Home Education group

When we heard of a new group in Tidworth we had to go Exploring this new Home Education group. Home Educators at Tidworth (or HEaT because who likes long winded names lol), is being run by organisers Phillip and Mandy…. Continue Reading →

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