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Down Day Learning through visual courses

Here you will find a selection of what we call Down day learning. What I mean by that is learning that can be done on those days when your child may not be so willing or able to learn in… Continue Reading →

Our 30 Days Wild Challenge WK5

Our 30 days wild challenge has started! June is one of our Favourite times of the year, it’s the time the wild awakens and the natural world starts to shine. Birdsongs, Bright green grass, bugs galore there is so much… Continue Reading →

Saturday 12th January 2019

Today we did some tank management with their turtles. The result of which was a whole new look! Complete water change and complete tank clean. Also layout change from this This was when we first set the big tank up… Continue Reading →

Hey, what’re two more turtles right?

So we may have gained an extra two Turtles. We are still undecided on their names at the moment but we are either going down the route of reef and sea in Japanese or more Warlords. My suggestion was they… Continue Reading →

Mini Project time – An introduction to caring for pets

Today is Monday 23rd May 2011 and the children started as normal with breakfast teeth and a dance. after which we finished of the rotas and check sheets for their animal mini project. This week they have extra responsibilities in… Continue Reading →

Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Friday 15th April 2011 We watch the series I had recorded for the children about Wild Britian. This series with Ray Mears is incredible for those looking to learn more about British Wildlife. Due to Virgin box issues, we could… Continue Reading →

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