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Officially an Adult!

Thomas is officially an adult and has survived to 18! We couldn’t be anymore proud of our children, Thomas has gone from a little boy whose pronosis was potentially wheelchair bound by adulthood to a Man who can stand on… Continue Reading →

Returning to life but not as we know it

So we are getting well back into life outside the house. Back to face to face music lessons, back to Lysa coming which is great for me after nearly a year of muddling through home ed without the ability to… Continue Reading →

Thomas beats a meltdown 🧡

Today for the first time my Thomas beats a meltdown! By this I mean to actually acknowledge when asked that he was actually not coping and about to lose it. Furthermore, this time he didn’t spiral or slip into a… Continue Reading →

Surprise for Emily at a Winter wonderland

Our Birthday Surprise for Emily at a Winter wonderland. A post about our Birthday Surprise for Emily at Center Parcs’ Winter wonderland. A trip to see Santa, lights galore and 4 days in the forest away from home was just… Continue Reading →

We are pleased to unveil our new adventure

So we have been a little on the quite side for most of this year. We can now reveal why. As most regular readers will know we have been trying to reduce our plastic. Part of this was increasing our… Continue Reading →

Hey, what’re two more turtles right?

So we may have gained an extra two Turtles. We are still undecided on their names at the moment but we are either going down the route of reef and sea in Japanese or more Warlords. My suggestion was they… Continue Reading →

Sunday 4th March 2018

Today the snow finally disappeared so we took the chance to leave the house we popped into town to get me some new trainers and took some of toms old games to pink planet for him to exchange it for… Continue Reading →

Sunday 12th June 2011

Well you haven’t really missed much with have had a stomache bug go around the family so their has only been limited School work or anything fun done really. I will add in the post of the days we did… Continue Reading →

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