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Two Down one to go

So two down and one to go on the adventure of raising our children to adulthood! Jessica is now 18 too! it’s an odd sensation watching your adult “children” (now know as our housemates) strive and make their own ways… Continue Reading →

How to be a Chemistry Scientist Spy.

We are going to learn how to be a Chemistry Scientist Spy with Mel Science. This was a favourite Mel science set of the girls. The chemistry of spies box comes with 3 science projects. Unfortunately I only got a… Continue Reading →

Big Tools and ADHD = Chaos at home

Today Duncan left for work as any other however what met him at lunchtime was complete Chaos at home. It is days like this I realise how lucky I am to be married to someone so laid back and trusting…. Continue Reading →

Who wants to be a Citizen Scientist?

Today while Emily was doing her IXL work we learned about the existence of Citizen Scientists. What is a citizen scientist I hear you say? What is a Citizen Scientist? Well a citizen scientist is a scientific Volunteer. This could… Continue Reading →

Lockdown life in week 6

This week’s Lockdown week 6, life was rather quiet. We are starting to get a little bored. However, we still found ways to keep life interesting….. Lockdown life week 6 While we started to turn our minds to redecorating the… Continue Reading →

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