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Organising for 2020!

With the kids getting older, they are doing more independent learning and with me working for the past 6 months their progress has dwindled due to loss of interest so I am changing tactics for their home ed. We decided… Continue Reading →

Bullet journals with the older two!

It’s a very strange thing helping the older two to set up their own bullet journals for the new year. It feels strange being a mum of teenagers so here we are trying to help them learn to cope in… Continue Reading →

Organising Home Schooling for multiple Children.

This post is about organising our home education journey. I would describe our family to be semi-structured. We have a Purple folder that goes everywhere with us and Inside it is all of the children’s work and it is how… Continue Reading →

Organising my rabble in their Home Ed

Organising my rabble takes some pre planning! here is how we do it. Juggling home ed, a toddler, ADHD child, little Miss independent and home chores while being Autistic myself takes some planning. So here I have added in how… Continue Reading →

Fitting in Home ed, big gathering preps and meetings

Today Thursday 28th April 2011 was a busy day Fitting in Home ed while getting ready for the Royal Wedding Group tomorrow. Without an 1 and half round trip to a meeting for an upcoming trip. Re structuring & Fitting… Continue Reading →

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