Welcome to our Walk on the Home Ed side blog. Here you will find blog posts about what we get up to. As well as useful resources, Links for age and projects.

Welcome to our Walk on the Home Ed side!

We are a Family of 5 who started our Home education Journey In April of 2010. Although originally it wasn’t our intention to do it this long. We have loved it so much we have continued on.

We have moved 4 times during this period, We have had to say goodbye to beloved pets and Gained new ones some of which have also passed away to old age too.

This blog really is a glimpse into our lives the good and the bad.

Meet the Family

Our family differ slightly from most families out there as 4 out of 5 of us have a mixture of needs which come with lots of Labels. I wont go too much into these but it means we are generally a crazy and lively bunch who have all had to learn to understand our own needs and learn to tolerate and support the other needs in the family.


Emilia is our eldest, she is now an adult and left her home ed journey but still helps me with her younger sibling Emily. She is fantastic at maths. Miele loves Manga and Anime and has always been a bit of an old caring soul and has grown into such an amazing sister. She is also autistic, ADHD and Dyspraxia which has come with it’s difficulties in her life, However, she is doing amazingly well enjoying life as a student and has her own part time job to keep her out of mischief.


Jessica is our middle Daughter, She is our Artistic soul and loves to draw, paint or spend hours on her computer making Graphic designs too. Jess is a wizard with Photoshop!

Jessica has always been so grown up for her age and independent. therefore she has grown to be such amazing support for all of us and has always been the extra eyes I have needed when Juggling her Brother and Sister outside the house.

Jess has Dyslexic and has Dyscalculia, A recent assessment of this in 2020 has also shown she may possibly be Autistic and ADHD. We are still awaiting an assessment for these.

Jessica has also now left her Home Education journey but still likes to get involved with the creative Home ed activities and will help out Emily whenever she can.

Jess is studying art and is working learning to be a musical instrument technician. She is getting good with pianos and learning loads with the wonderful staff at All Instruments.


Emily is our Family free spirit, she loves trees, rocks and loves the great outdoors. especially Farm school. She is in her last years of home ed.

Emily is also Autistic, ADHD, SPD and Dyslexic she is more explosive than Emilia, Emily needed a lot of help and guidance but she is now learning how to control her temper and traits although we are still working on this with her therapist.

Duncan and Myself

Duncan is our family’s rock. He is our main earner and when we first started the blog was working 14 hour days or more. Thankfully, this is one change we were all pleased to see come about. Now we have him home a lot more.

I am a stay at home mum and carer, While for 5 years I did work part time to get me out of the house, I have recently had to leave work and return to my homemaker role after the onset of early peri menopause and how that has effected not only my Aspergers and ADHD but also a reduction in mobility after a prolonged autistic burnout.

Duncan and I met at 16 while at college in December 1999 and been together since January 2000. We have had an amazing life and done so much, we became a family when we brought our first fur baby Charm in 2001, Married in 2003 later that year welcoming Emilia into our family, we moved to France in 2004, Jessica joined us in 2005 while we were still living in France. We moved home back to the UK in 2008 before expanding the family again in 2009 with Emily.

then while Emily was only 4 months old we started our Home Education Journey.

Making use of the blog for resources or topic ideas:

Most of this blog is written for me to remind me of what the children have done and as a useful place to store links.

However, after having a lot of people asking for particular projects we decided to make it more user friendly.

Therefore, we refreshed the whole blog over the course of 2020/2021.

Firstly we have been checking links, rewriting posts especially those which were done in haste, finishing Draft posts and organising them. Although there may still be posts awaiting attention I hope you will find some use.

Results being any posts you find in the categories at the bottom of each page will have been checked. We are trying to help those looking for particular subjects. Therefore have tried to ensure posts are found in all the categories they cover.

Carrie x x

  • A photo of our children in 2011 the start of our walk on the home edside
  • Summer 2015 5 years into our walk on the home ed side
  • Kids with their granny 2017 7 years into our walk on the home ed side
  • Our children with their Grandad Len and Nan
  • Kids 2019 9 years into our walk on the home ed side
  • Our kids 2019
  • Our Girls 2020 (Lockdown) 10 years exactly into our walk on the home ed side!

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Thank you for checking us out and once again Welcome to our Walk on the Home ed side.