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Here you will find posts about Emily’s Cub years. Emily is the only one of ours to go through this section as a move found Thomas on a waiting list due to his 2nd beaver’s colony organisers failed to register him properly so he jumped from beavers to Scouts by the time he reached the top of the waiting list.

Cubs is where things start getting wilder and the age they have their first tent camping experiences.

Cubs is for children between 8-10 yrs.

Just another Manic Friday?

Today was just another manic Friday, We really were wishing it was Sunday 😂. Emily had Farm School, Jessica had Work and I had to sort all the camping stuff, catch up with washing and the normal “housework” all before… Continue Reading →

Returning to life but not as we know it

So we are Returning to life, getting well back into life outside the house. Who would have thought I wouldn’t miss the outside world? Returning to life after lockdown. Return to face to face music lessons. Welcoming Back Lysa, Emily’s… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Week 2: We wish you a Happy Isolation Birthday!

We wish you a Happy isolation Birthday Duncan! I wonder how many Birthdays will happen in Lockdown style this year? We considered decorating the dining room as a jail but while I thought it would have been hilarious, the children… Continue Reading →

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