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Weekend Hike And Wild Camp In Dartmoor

What started as an adult-only weekend-long hike and wild camp in Dartmoor quickly grew to A shortened hike and Wild camp for 4. Packing for our Weekend hike and wild camp The first step is getting all your gear ready,… Continue Reading →

One week two rooms and several meltdowns!

One week, two rooms and several meltdowns is the only way I could describe this week. But what a way to end the week! The one week to rule them all? Here’s how it went. It started so well and… Continue Reading →

Saturday 12th January 2019

Today we did some tank management with their turtles. The result of which was a whole new look! Complete water change and complete tank clean. Also layout change from this This was when we first set the big tank up… Continue Reading →

Hey, what’re two more turtles right?

So we may have gained an extra two Turtles. We are still undecided on their names at the moment but we are either going down the route of reef and sea in Japanese or more Warlords. My suggestion was they… Continue Reading →

Our Summer of adventure and fun 2018!

Well, this summer has gone by so fast! This is going to be a long enough post anyway so here are some of our highlights from summer! Obviously 2 birthdays was the most important things that happened over summer! 2… Continue Reading →

Catch up time is a coming!

Catch up time!, Its been so busy here in the new Brown home. Between work, unpacking, housework, birthdays, home ed and generally life in general. I am falling behind on my posting. So here’s what they have been up too,… Continue Reading →

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