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How did this ‘home improvement’ come about I hear you ask? Well, Boredom was rampant in me, too much time and not enough to do. so naturally my ADHD takes over and comes up with an idea.

I hate the house…. That it I will redecorate the whole house! So I start plotting and planning. Well I say planning, when the ADHD takes over I seldom plan. Much to the horror of my ASD my ADHD decided on the ‘big change’!

It started with the need to pop to B&M and a pot of Gloss (absolutely rubbish gloss by the way). It ended with a full house redecoration!

Here you will find all the antics we get up to as we set about making those and all ‘Home improvements’ since.


Hammer and chisel breaking up old cement.

2020 The forgotten year: The Porch

It’s May 2020, we’re in week 6 of the Lockdown, I decided I know I will redecorate the porch! Afterall, what else is there to do in the year that the world stayed home. ADHD takes over last week I… Continue Reading →

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