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Two Down one to go

So two down and one to go on the adventure of raising our children to adulthood! Jessica is now 18 too! it’s an odd sensation watching your adult “children” (now know as our housemates) strive and make their own ways… Continue Reading →

30 adventures for 30 days wild 2023!

So as with each year we have been doing the 30 days wild challenge. this years 30 days wild 2023 adventures are below! 30 days wild with the Wildlife trust 30 Days wild 2023 – In France! (Thursday) Day 1:… Continue Reading →

London to see Miele on stage!

This weekend we went to see Miele performing live on stage at the national Theatre on the Olivier stage in the last Odyssey play in London! Well, I have been having a hard time over the past few years my… Continue Reading →

Tuesday 6th – Fun at the dechetterie

We will have at least 1 last trip to the dechetterie this day so we may only get as wild as recycling sorting. As expected we didn’t have much Wild time today but that didn’t stop us, we spotted 2… Continue Reading →

Mon 5th June – Wild Swimming at St Estephe

After a “holiday” Full of chores, we still found time to chill and relax with the girls in the evenings taking them wild swimming at St Estephe lake. Especially as we prepare to head home from France we used every… Continue Reading →

Sunday 4th June one “Wild” loft Tamed

One of the joys of a house which was an old barn is that the wild can be found taking over and ever present especially when it has been left untouched for any length of time! so even a job… Continue Reading →

Sat 3rd June 30 days wild – chores in the sun

We had chores to do in our French House so we fitted our wild time around the chores. Today was Firewood log cutting and splitting. In among the logs where some great bugs lurking. One of the things we love… Continue Reading →

A Special Birthday Adventure

Day 2 saw us celebrating a Special 76th Birthday Early with a Wild adventure. We had an absolutely action packed yet completely relaxing day even with an unexpected issue raise it’s head. A Special Birthday Adventure Sunday (4th) will be… Continue Reading →

Thunderstorms and bug hunts in France

Thunderstorms and Bug hunting in France is how we spent our time of the 2023 day one of our 30 days wild. Being in France we had a whole lot of chores to complete and not long to do it… Continue Reading →

Down Day Learning through visual courses

Here you will find a selection of what we call Down day learning. What I mean by that is learning that can be done on those days when your child may not be so willing or able to learn in… Continue Reading →

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