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From Redecorating the whole house, Making a Garden office from a shed, Making picture frames, Wondering the wilderness nearby and everything else between here you will find some of the things we got up to when making the most of our time at home in Lockdown March 2020 – Who knows when!

On to the Bedrooms! Miele’s room

First of 4 bedrooms today Miele’s room is up first. She has chosen her own colours of Mustard and Grey. We couldn’t find quite the right colour yellow so we went with the Citrus Zing and decided to try mixing… Continue Reading →

How to update a Kitchen Cheaply

As we are stuck in lockdown we have decided to use the chance to do a little DIY starting in the heart of the home. We are planning on giving a little love, so here’s our how to update a… Continue Reading →

Big Tools and ADHD = Chaos at home

Today Duncan left for work as any other however what met him at lunchtime was complete Chaos at home. It is days like this I realise how lucky I am to be married to someone so laid back and trusting…. Continue Reading →

Paintbrushes to the ready tackling the Hall

So it’s week 2 of lockdown and you start to get bored, what do you do? Obviously pick up the paintbrushes and start tackling the hall! It all started with a cheap nasty Gloss paint and the desire to finally… Continue Reading →

Returning to life but not as we know it

So we are Returning to life, getting well back into life outside the house. Who would have thought I wouldn’t miss the outside world? Returning to life after lockdown. Return to face to face music lessons. Welcoming Back Lysa, Emily’s… Continue Reading →

One week two rooms and several meltdowns!

One week, two rooms and several meltdowns is the only way I could describe this week. But what a way to end the week! The one week to rule them all? Here’s how it went. It started so well and… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Week 11 – a week of random impulsive decisions!

Well we have survived Lockdown week 11! Starting to tire slightly but so nearly done on the decorating. I am hoping to complete it all before I crack and end in a meltdown or doing something too impulsive. Lockdown week… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Week 10- A room in a day!

Welcome to our Lockdown week 10! this week was actually relatively a boring one. Other than a mad day when I decided I was going to get a room done in a day it was a much more relaxed week… Continue Reading →

Lockdown week 9 – Lego, Lego and more Lego!

Welcome to week 9 of our lockdown antics! this week consisted on lots and lots of LEGO!!!!! I cannot stress how much lego we sorted through… Monday 18th May: Isolation day 56: I started the day with a trip to… Continue Reading →

lockdown week 8 – 3 Autistics and a paint tin

Welcome to our Lockdown week 8, More painting, and maybe a little bit of mild demolition. Not forgetting the trip to Downton to deliver mum a care package. Monday 11th: Isolation day 49: Today was schoolwork in the morning as… Continue Reading →

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