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Month May 2020

Lockdown Antics VE day Party in the cul de sac

Friday 8th May celebrates 75 years since the Nazi’s formally surrendered towards the end of WWII. To celebrate this is traditional British style the whole cul de sac decorated and all had a VE day party. Each house having their… Continue Reading →

New Trampoline anybody?

Week 6 came bringing with it a new Trampoline for Emily after the children’s last one finally fell apart. Emily was ecstatic as her siblings set about making it up. So this week (starting Monday 27th April 2020) started with… Continue Reading →

week 20th- 26th April 2020 Lockdown week 5

Monday 20th Isolation Day 29: Today we were all really pleased to get back into our home ed routine, I will admit I am missing work and the girls are starting to miss their Grandparents now. Today the girls started… Continue Reading →

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