Week 6 came bringing with it a new Trampoline for Emily after the children’s last one finally fell apart. Emily was ecstatic as her siblings set about making it up.

So this week (starting Monday 27th April 2020) started with a second coat of painting but to read our Painting antics you can find the all here. for reference it was wood work with the never drying gloss!

So gloss and paintbrushes aside the girls did the normal home education and English, Maths, History, Cooking, Geography etc. We all even supported Thomas (Emilia) with his college work and watched the most horrendous musical ever! Legally Blonde the Musical honestly if you have a child to punish sit them down to this. My girls actually went back to the Maths that was stressing them out just before it was that bad.

Anyway after a relatively normal week of home ed we ended the week with a surprise for Emily.

New Trampoline Emily?

A birdy phoned to say B&M in Warminster had trampolines. All three children have relied on a trampoline’s at stages especially around change. Emily had been really struggling since a friend of theirs had spilt the mat on their old trampoline in Feb. We planned to replace it but never managed it before lockdown hit and everywhere sold out in days.

But no sooner had a friend phoned to say they had spotted them and had one in a trolley for us we set off to grab it. I will be forever thankful to said friend had she not they would have sold out of the 4 they had before we got there.

We got it up and in place when we found a small hole (like those made by a cigarette) in the netting. Thankfully we phoned B&M and they had a replacement for it in a box which had a damaged bar. so a quick trip back to swap over the matting and Emily still had her bounce back.

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