Friday 8th May celebrates 75 years since the Nazi’s formally surrendered towards the end of WWII. To celebrate this is traditional British style the whole cul de sac decorated and all had a VE day party. Each house having their own little picnic lunches and BBQ’s in their front gardens.

VE Day Party in the cul de sac

We had an absolutely blast over the fences keeping to Lockdown restrictions. Joining all our neighbours in this laid back in your own front garden street party. Duncan’s parents popped over and joined in even with social distancing being adhered to it was a lovely day.

We started at 11 am with the 2 minute silence stood on our doorsteps.
After which we started decorating and getting out our picnic table. Shortly after the parents came for the rest of the afternoon.
At 3pm we watched Churchills speech on my ipad. We didn’t get around to making the scones due to Emile’s passing but we sat and ate cheesecake instead.

Around 5pm all the BBQ’s were pulled into the front gardens and they were all fired up for more food. We are lucky enough that our front garden faces the perfect direction for an afternoon spent in it. It was a beautiful day.

As the afternoon turned into night we had our BBQ. A little after 7pm we started clearing up. Putting everything away.

By 9pm we were in our own back garden just intime to sing along to ‘we’ll meet again’. Duncan’s parents had already left by this point for their own streets evening soiree. So we all hit the hot tub! Emily heading in first for shower and bed. Shortly followed by Emilia who showered and went to her room to chill. Last was Jessica who left for shower and bed around 10pm. Duncan and I enjoyed an other 20 minutes of relaxing before showering and going off to bed our selves.

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