So we are getting well back into life outside the house. Back to face to face music lessons, back to Lysa coming which is great for me after nearly a year of muddling through home ed without the ability to back and forth ideas on the girls education.

So our weeks have gone from slow and boring to looking somewhat life normal life.

Monday’s when I am at work Nanna is back looking after the kids, Thomas is back face to face at college and in June Jessica starts her Gold award. ending the day with explorer’s

Tuesday’s is life of home ed work and housework followed Jessica’s young leader role at Cubs

Wednesday’s is our day out and about at the moment as we help mum settle in a life in a new area but will eventually be our walking day again doing their mud and bloom boxes out in nature.

Thursday’s is tutor day with Emily starting with French in the morning then Lysa from 10am until 3pm followed by scouts for Emily and movie night for Jessica and I.

Friday’s I’m back at work and hopefully soon will be granny’s day. Followed by play in the field at Caoihme house or her coming to stay with us.

Weekends are slowly going back to family adventure days and obviously when most work for the website gets done.

It seems so strange to be getting back to normal this pandemic has cost so much we have lost family and friends not just from COVID but the effects the restrictions have brought from reduced treatments for terminal conditions at the start, reduction in activity, delays in assessments for life threatening conditions due to pressures of COVID on the NHS and more recently COVID itself.

We won’t be dropping our social distancing from strangers or from anyone but our closest friends and those we see on a daily or weekly basis but it is nice seeing those who mean the most to us again.