Today was just another manic Friday, We really were wishing it was Sunday 😂. Emily had Farm School, Jessica had Work and I had to sort all the camping stuff, catch up with washing and the normal “housework” all before the mad rush to collect them all, and collect arrive set up and serve all the bits for the Scout’s AGM.

Emily’s Farm School

Today she did amazingly considering the busy week she had had.

Today she fed

  • pigs
  • ducklings
  • and watered the Turkeys

She made salad and salad dressing including Pickled Cucumber which apparently was very yummy!

They then went to the forest and they played before heading home.

Jessica’s Work

Jessica is doing fantastically at her little job and came home in a better mood than I left her lol

Scouts AGM

Tonight was the scout’s AGM, I had to collect a list of items for it before we went down and got the BBQ lit and burgers and sausages cooking. The kids and I helped with preparing the rolls, sorting the tables while Duncan did his bit cooking. Jessica helped with occupying the beavers, cubs and scouts that showed up while they went through the yearly meeting. It was another good night.

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