First of 4 bedrooms today Miele’s room is up first. She has chosen her own colours of Mustard and Grey. We couldn’t find quite the right colour yellow so we went with the Citrus Zing and decided to try mixing our own perfect colour from it.

Miele’s Room plan.

She loved the doors we had in the hall and wanted hers to match. So with a plan of mustard on the wall opposite the window, 3 grey walls and a Mustard Arch! This meant having to do a real line between the Mustard of Miele’s room and the Grey the Room of Requirements was due to change into. She decided she also wanted her wooden book case painted in the Mustard.

So Miele made a start on her Mustard wall. While I started with ripping out the 100s of meters of phone line extending wires working their way through Miele’s all through the hall, Kitchen and Front room.

After I went on to the glossing, while miele dug into the Grey walls. we ended the day with Miele painting her cube unit while Jessica and I worked on the Mustard and grey line.

We had a long gap before we fully completed Miele’s room due to the mass sort out and hunt for the Millennium Falcon’s pieces and a big sort out of her Lego putting her kits back together or together and sorting the colours. My OCD loved it when all sorted.

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