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Month March 2021

When a Scottish Tablet Recipe Fails

Here is our favourite Scottish Tablet recipe and what we do when we get in wrong. It is almost two recipes in one! We have actually done this recipe a few times now and tend to have a 50/50 success… Continue Reading →

Fabulously fizzy homemade bath bombs!

These fabulously fizzy homemade bath bombs are always a big hit with our Emily. They are so quick and simple to make I often do it with her after work (then pop one in a nice bath before bed!) Fabulously… Continue Reading →

Lucious Peppermint Foot Soak

This simple Peppermint Foot soak really makes a very effective foot soak. It will have your feet and tired legs thanking you especially after a long day at work. Peppermint Foot soak Epsom Salts Soap Colouring Peppermint Essential oil Add… Continue Reading →

Homemade Beeswax Moisturising Cream.

Welcome here you will find our Beeswax Moisturising cream. This is one of our family’s favourite creams with a pot of this on most bedsides in our house we make it quite a lot. Beeswax Moisturising cream Ingredients: 1/4 cup… Continue Reading →

Simple to make Homemade Soap

Here you will find one of our favourite homemade soap recipes. these soaps are so easy to make and can be done so quickly. you can spice things up by changing the type of melt and pour soap we have… Continue Reading →

Making the perfect homemade bubbly bath soak

This post is the recipe for our homemade bubbly bath soak. This is the mixture mentioned in our post from Saturday 17th November 2012. It didn’t end up that bubbly but it smelled amazing and will make wonderful Christmas presents for our… Continue Reading →

Thomas beats a meltdown 🧡

Today for the first time my Thomas beats a meltdown! By this I mean to actually acknowledge when asked that he was actually not coping and about to lose it. Furthermore, this time he didn’t spiral or slip into a… Continue Reading →

Living with a neurodivergent brain isn’t easy but it’s worth it!

This post is about living with a neurodivergent brain, what it means? how we are different? is it all bad? Here’s why I wanted to write it. Today as we had a massive breakthrough with Thomas, He overcame a really… Continue Reading →

Great ways to help your Primary school child learn

I have compiled here a collection of great ways to help your primary school child learn. Fun activity’s and easy to make aides which are as fun to use as they are useful to help them learn. Having children with… Continue Reading →

Rocking around with Emily

This post is all about Rocking around with Emily and her Rocks. Emily Gained a whole collection of new Rocks and Gems today. She was absolutely over the moon with her new collection. We had brought her a Dancing bear… Continue Reading →

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