This post is all about Rocking around with Emily and her Rocks. Emily Gained a whole collection of new Rocks and Gems today. She was absolutely over the moon with her new collection.

We had brought her a Dancing bear rock, mineral and fossil kit and two books from the DK Eyewitness collection. The Fossil Book and the Rock and Mineral book. We also brought her the Everything: Rocks and Minerals book too.

Rocking around!

She really did have a great time looking through them identifying the different rocks and minerals within the pack. I have to say I am highly impressed with the selection in the box we got. The little booklet that came with it was also really well done with phonetic pronouciations for all the Rocks and minerals it covers.

Types of Rock and Minerals

She got an amazing collection of different Rocks, Minerals and Fossils in her Dancing Bear box. From Geodes, sharks teeth, Tigers eye in two different colours, Obsidian, Agate, Arrow heads, Red Jasper, Gypsum Rosettes, black Lava, Red Dalmatian, Gold stone and so many more.

Emily has spent hours playing with these looking each one up and learning about it. We lost the table for best part of the day while she categorised them.

She is yet to crack open her geodes. She wants to wait for better weather.

I highly recommend the Dancing Bear Box if you would like to buy one we got from Amazon here.

If you are interested in the Books Purchased here are their names and ISBN’s

  • DK Eyewitness Fossil ISBN 978-0-2412-8687-6 (comes with a wall chart approx. A1 sized)
  • DK Eyewitness Rock & Minerals ISBN 978-1-4093-4370-7 (comes with a wall chart approx. A1 sized)
  • Nat Geographic Kids Everything Rocks and Mineral ISBN 978-0-00-826783-4 (As with everything Nat Geo Not as good as the other two for more in-depth information but amazing for short attention spans as information surrounded by bright amazing photos of subject matter)

When lockdown finally eases and Emily is allowed out in the world again I will take her to a book shop to choose her own books.

Emily has a Playlist on Youtube of Educational Rock and Mineral videos which can be found here.

Lastly should you wish to read more about Emily and her Rocks you can find our Rock related posts here.