This post is the recipe for our homemade bubbly bath soak. This is the mixture mentioned in our post from Saturday 17th November 2012.

It didn’t end up that bubbly but it smelled amazing and will make wonderful Christmas presents for our family.

Rose Bubbly Bath Soak recipes:

Essential Rose Oil

2 Table spoons of Rolled Oats

10 Small Dried Rose buds

1 Table Spoon of Honey

1/2 Bar of pure Glycerine Soap or Natural Soap Bar


Pink Food Colouring

Equipment needed:

Two Bowls (one small pudding /breakfast bowl and one large mixing bowl or jug)

Air Tight Container

Empty bottle/s

Table Spoon



Blender – we used Our Kenwood Food Processors Mini Chopper and blender attachments

Ok so the First thing you need to do is Cut the soap into small pieces

Once you have done that place your Oats into your blender.

Keep going until the Oats look a little like a snowstorm as my daughter so eloquently described it. Once they are snowstorm consistency, then pour them into your bowl.

Next do the same to your rosebuds then add the oats back in and mix them together evenly.

Now swap over to your blender top and pop in your soap. Keep mixing until chopped into fine then flakes.

Next step is to mix in your dry ingredients and mix again.

While it is mixing slowly pour in your water.

We put in about a 2/3 pint to start with. Afterwards, add your oil and food colouring to the required strength and mix until foamy

This is your basic mix now pop this into a air tight container and leave to settle for 10-20 minutes.

From mix to bubble bath:

Lastly, you need your 2nd bowl. Place one spoonful of mixture in the bowl and add a mug sized cup of water. Mix again by hand before funnelling mixture into your bottle.

Top Tip: If you want to keep your mixture just place the mixture into a tub, then into the freezer. Simply remove 10-20 minutes before use.

Our bottles where only small. Therefore, the quantity above filled two of our bottles.

However you can play with it put in by adjusting mixture to water ratio to get the right consistency for you.

We also made this in peppermint, Lavender and plain based on the people we planned to gift it to.

The children also used it as the thick mix straight into the bath, Also as a mushy soap.

We worked out our consistencies by experimenting with ratios while the children played in the bath. The ratio we used was their Favourite. Produced the most bubble and smelt the best.

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