Today Thursday 28th April 2011 was a busy day Fitting in Home ed while getting ready for the Royal Wedding Group tomorrow. Without an 1 and half round trip to a meeting for an upcoming trip.

Re structuring & Fitting in Home ed for a busy day

I had the children sat down doing some written work while I prepared the house. In between helping the children when needed and the preparations for Tomorrow. I had my hands full today so I gave them easier work. This allowed them to be able to practice some of the skills they knew and meaning they didn’t need as much of my time. About 80% of their work was refresh work they could do with very little help.

our up and at them routine

So we started as we do most days with breakfast, showers/baths etc. followed by some music and energy burning time dancing around and warming their muscles. This is important for Thomas.

sleeping beauty and BBC bitesize.

Then when Emily went up for her nap. I set the older two up with some time on BBC bitesize work.

This gives me the time to finish the breakfast tidy up and ready their structured work and to engage their brains after their dancing routines.

Reading time

Because of my time restraints today I have chosen books they know the best. Thomas reading me 3 books from the green set of puddle lane books he loves. Jessica reading the three billy goat guffs and sleeping beauty from the marks and Spencer’s books.

Structured work time

They did their written work and chose the order themselves as normal from their folders.

Thomas chose his spelling books, hand writing and pen control books followed by writing up his bean dairy in neat in his book.

Jessica did her Phonics book, tracing and pen work book too. she also did her bean dairy in neat and coloured some of her pictures in it.

Kitchen Maths

Then helped me make the cakes for tomorrow. As we were making lots of cakes, I used the opportunity to get some maths in doubling the amounts. I also had them working out how many chocolate chips we would need if we put 3 in each cake then 6 then 9 and so on. In the end they counted the chocolate chips and then divided them between the number of muffins we were making.

We then all tidied the kitchen and left the muffins to cool. I dropped the children to a friends house to play and do some home ed with them.

Meeting for our upcoming ATC trip

Off I went for the meeting with Luke from the Ancient technology Center to prepare for the ATC Trip. During the meeting we organised the day’s activities, who was going and how many had to be in groups etc.

By time I collected the children and got home again it was time to cook dinner. They then had baths and beds and I tidied up and started Duncan’s dinner and lunch for the next day.

Fitting in Home ed into a busy day can mean more learning through life or revision than our normal structured framework. But the children still learn and it is much less stress than trying to fit the same day around school drop offs and collections.

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