It’s a very strange thing helping the older two to set up their own bullet journals for the new year.

It feels strange being a mum of teenagers so here we are trying to help them learn to cope in the real world when we ourselves still seem to be blundering through life as if we have just woken in a dark room searching for the light switch.

I always imagined that I would be more grown-up and adultly by the time they would need us to help them through the madness of puberty and beyond! But nope it actually feels like we are less grown up now than we were when they were smaller, less organised, prepared and ready for the never-ending chaos of parenting and life.

Despite all this there I was sat down armed with a journal, pens, washi tape and a TV remote with bullet journal set up videos lined up on Youtube to help them find something they think will work for them!

So the moral to this story seems to be despite our lack or adultly ways we have done a pretty good job with our kids and although I have loved watching every minute of their existence, watching them bloom into young adults has to be my favourite they are truly amazing people.