So two down and one to go on the adventure of raising our children to adulthood! Jessica is now 18 too! it’s an odd sensation watching your adult “children” (now know as our housemates) strive and make their own ways into life.

Jessica wanted a tattoo for her birthday, while this came easy for me, Duncan I think was a little less impressed but regardless of our views our beautiful girl knows what she wants for her own body and she did all the right things in deciding where to get it done, where to have it on her body, what to have done (she had her own design of toothless). proving we have done our job well.

she was so chill throughout having it done and the finished result is pretty cool, she is over the moon with it and Shorty’s in Warminster where she got it done were absolutely amazing.

I am now the proud mum of 2 adults and with two down and only one to go I feel confident in the outcome of number 3 too lol. I am also pleased to have them as housemates too the next big change will be them moving out of home. Also as ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram. To keep up to date with the older two have a look through our journal they will continue to appear.