This week’s Lockdown week 6, life was rather quiet. We are starting to get a little bored. However, we still found ways to keep life interesting…..

Lockdown life week 6

While we started to turn our minds to redecorating the house last week. The gloss we used was completely rubbish and nearly a week on still isn’t fully dry. This week we planned to do it better and decided to start properly with the Porch and hall. After all we started there already. To find out what we got up to with the ‘home improvements’ you can find this weeks here.

Monday 4th May, Isolation day 43:

We decided to start with the wood work. We believed we had everything we needed. So we started sanding the stairs spindles and bannisters.

Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly end the way we hoped. However, Jessica, Emily and I weren’t to be put off so easily. So we paused the job and reconsidered what we may need to finish the job.

While we had plenty of sand paper. There was so many layers of varnish and stain on the banister and spindles it was hard getting this far. We are going to need our small electric sander which means ordering new sanding sheets for it!

We decided to leave the woodwork and instead prepare to start the porch. So we tidied up and prepared the porch for the morning. We finished just in time to settle down with a takeaway and watch the last Star Wars together as a family when Duncan got home from work.

Tuesday 5th May, Isolation day 44:

Today we got in to preparing the porch for painting. We removed and sanded two of the inside doors. and started the painting of the porch, It doesn’t seem like we did much but it was rather time consuming.

3 Doors off for Sanding.

Wednesday 6th, Isolation day 45:

Another busy day in the brown house. Today we paused the decorating life skills and were back to normal home ed.

The girls started the day wrapping their clay mummies and making the bottom to the sarcophagi.

Then had an Art lesson (via Zoom) with the lovely Emily Middleton on mask making! it was great fun. They started their masks and but didn’t get to finish them during the Zoom session.

Emily then had her music lessons with the lovely Julie from All Instruments (again online via Zoom).

While they were busy I painted the doors hopefully ready to rehang tomorrow.
They spent most of the day making their masks. While Tom did his college work and then walked to the shop for missing cooking ingredients for me.
The lovely Jessica then made dinner while I finished the second coat on the last side of the 2nd door.

Thursday 7th, Isolation day 46:

Life took a sad turn today as we woke to a poorly Emile. We had to book him for a lockdown emergency vet appointment. We sadly lost Emile’s brother Rémy late last year and it was heart breaking to be saying goodbye to our Emile.
That kind of threw us all for a loop returning home and only achieving the cheesecakes for tomorrow and Emily made some biscuits.

You can read all about our Friday antics here.

Saturday 9th, Isolation day 48:

Another busy day. We finished porch and got the first two finished and rehung, Afternoon ended with a mass tidy up and catch up with the housework. Emily chilled under her Palm tree.

Life changed quite a bit for everyone in 2020 during lockdown, We absolutely loved it and both redecorated the whole house, adapted to a full on ‘home’ education and found ways to keep all the kids amused.

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