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Month June 2020

One week two rooms and several meltdowns!

One week, two rooms and several meltdowns is the only way I could describe this week. But what a way to end the week! The one week to rule them all? Here’s how it went. It started so well and… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Week 11 – a week of random impulsive decisions!

Well we have survived Lockdown week 11! Starting to tire slightly but so nearly done on the decorating. I am hoping to complete it all before I crack and end in a meltdown or doing something too impulsive. Lockdown week… Continue Reading →

Lockdown Week 10- A room in a day!

Welcome to our Lockdown week 10! this week was actually relatively a boring one. Other than a mad day when I decided I was going to get a room done in a day it was a much more relaxed week… Continue Reading →

Lockdown week 9 – Lego, Lego and more Lego!

Welcome to week 9 of our lockdown antics! this week consisted on lots and lots of LEGO!!!!! I cannot stress how much lego we sorted through… Monday 18th May: Isolation day 56: I started the day with a trip to… Continue Reading →

lockdown week 8 – 3 Autistics and a paint tin

Welcome to our Lockdown week 8, More painting, and maybe a little bit of mild demolition. Not forgetting the trip to Downton to deliver mum a care package. Monday 11th: Isolation day 49: Today was schoolwork in the morning as… Continue Reading →

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