Welcome to week 9 of our lockdown antics! this week consisted on lots and lots of LEGO!!!!! I cannot stress how much lego we sorted through…

Monday 18th May:

Isolation day 56: I started the day with a trip to B&Q for grout to finish bathroom tiles. They were broken by the repair of pipework under bath our first Christmas in this house!

We then started sorting toms lego 😱

Tuesday 19th May:

Isolation day 57: We only spent 9 hours of the day rummaging through lego today.

Sorting it by colour and starting the finding of the 6000 pieces that make up Thomas’ millennium falcon.

Wednesday 20th May:

Isolation day 58: Today I sealed the bathroom around the bath and tiles.
Then spent the day sorting through tom’s lego. Another 5 hours of Lego hunting

Thursday 21st May:

Isolation day 59: finally finished sorting the lego pieces!!

Felt like we had spent our lives doing this, but we finally made it to the last handful! whoop whoop

Thomas even started to build the Falcon.

After a hard day as the kids went to bed, a little deflated when we realised the Falcon was missing pieces.

I ended the day with the sad news that my mums closest friend and family “aunt” by choice was rushed to the hospital.

Friday 22nd May:

Isolation day 60: Today I spent the day tidying up. Trying to keep busy while waiting for news on Sue. When I ran out of jobs I went online to look for lego storage.

Early afternoon I received the heartbreaking information that my aunt had died. I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure my mum was ok.

Saturday 23rd May:

Isolation day 61: Today we had to go shopping in the morning. We couldn’t get a food slot this week so Duncan and I headed out first thing.

I also got my mum some food to make sure she eats over the next few days.

After dropping Duncan home with the shopping I grabbed our Benny dog and headed to my mums along with flowers.

I spent most of the day there and mum cuddled Benny.

With the current situation, we can’t cuddle her so I thought a furry hug would help.

It was a miserable day with the odd showers all day. My nieces had also shown up they had done the same and brought their granny some feel-good treats. We took turns standing outside her window then swapping to return to our cars to warm up.

Keeping mum company as well as we could with the social distancing restrictions but I didn’t leave until she was feeling better.

Sunday 24th May:

Isolation day 62: Today was more cheerful, Emily received a lovely gift of a wooden spinning top. This beautiful leather-wrapped spinning top was from a craftsman in Wales.

I ordered an awl from him which I didn’t think arrived. I messaged him to let him know. Later that day I found out my Emily had opened it and loved the feel of it so much she was playing with it.
I had messaged the maker to tell him, He responded asking if he could send something for her. He kindly made her something with the same feel and better suited to Emily’s age.

She loves it!

I got up and headed straight to B&M to buy Thomas the draws he needs for his lego.

We also completely emptied, removed and re set up the Turtle tank into the lounge. Then moved the dining room around.

All in all, was a little glad to see the end of Lockdown week 9. For more lockdown antics here.