Welcome to our Lockdown week 10! this week was actually relatively a boring one. Other than a mad day when I decided I was going to get a room done in a day it was a much more relaxed week

Monday 25th May:

Isolation Day 63: Today is Ginny’s Birthday. It still feels odd with them in Devon not being able to pop her card in on route to mums.

It’s even stranger having not been able to pass her a card via family too. But in the end, if we beat Covid it will be worth it. Facebook Birthday wishes it is this year.

we started work on the kitchen emptying cleaning and changing the handles on the cupboard doors.

Unfortunately only half the handles were available today so we could only do half the cupboards.

This didn’t actually matter too much as the reorganisation and cleaning of the cupboards took two days anyway.

I do admit I am loving these new handles they are lovely.

Tuesday 26th May:

Isolation Day 64: Today we continued and finished Cleaning and organising the kitchen cupboards.

We got all bar the last handle today, therefore all handles except one are now changed.

We got all of the handles we ordered. However, I must have miscounted as we were one handle short.

Wednesday 27th May:

Isolation Day 65: We have Finally finished tidying up from the kitchen cleaning and organising.

I also spent time talking with my mum while the girls continued their schoolwork. All in all, we had a lovely easy day today.

Thursday 28th May:

Isolation day 66: Today we had a lazy day. We watched some documentaries on tv and just chilled.

Friday 29th May:

Isolation day 67: Today we went to my mums to drop off a gift we brought and adapted for her. We also had food to drop her.

A little worried about her nearly 70 working one week and isolation the next. No time to buy shopping the week she works. However, the week shes off shes strictly not allowed to leave home. She should be home shielding but instead is working in the NHS. Moving from 2 days a week to 6 days on 8 days off and in isolation. But so proud of her.

Saturday 30th May 2020:

Isolation day 68: Yeah enough taking it easy today I organised the lounge!

I had a bit of a sort out and the random shuffling of furniture. All ready to start again with the painting.

Sunday 31st May:

Isolation day 69: Today I surprised even myself! One day and I managed to clean, clean, paint and return to working order our dining room. (with limited help from Thomas, Jessica and duncan each picking up a brush then getting bored and disappearing)

All completed after breakfast and ready and returned before dinner!

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