One week, two rooms and several meltdowns is the only way I could describe this week. But what a way to end the week!

The one week to rule them all?

Here’s how it went. It started so well and throughout the whole week we had a lot of fun even if I nearly demolished a wall in a meltdown.

Room one: Jessica’s Room!

Monday 8th June 2020:

Today we started Jessica’s room. We completely cleared it and hoovered washed walls, took down posters etc all ready to paint.

We actually managed to get 3 walls painted white. Which considering they were going from a Dark blue to white is no easy feat!

Tuesday 9th June 2020:

Today we continued Jessicas room This time turning our minds to her light blue wall. We also added one last coat to her white walls.

Jessica’s room is now complete Duncan even fixed her curtain pole and put her up a new black out blind.

and started on Emptying Emily’s room (that was a task in itself lol

Room two: Emily’s Room!

Wednesday 10th June:

Today we started painting Emily’s room.

In between waiting for coats to dry we finished the hall re attaching the hand rail and putting the new curtains up.

We then turned I mind back to Emily’s room and as ever nothings as easy as you would think. We went on to try and remove an old ariel cable and unfortunately the Plaster around the curtain poles original location was loose.

So as the ariel cable ties were put in with external clicks with nails too big for inside use and ran up past the loose plaster we decided it would have to be left. I really didn’t want to end up having to replaster a wall so cable won!

The problems with this room didn’t end there either. 2 coats of anti-mould paint and 4 coats of silk emulsion paint and the walls are still rather blue!

We have used nearly 2/3 of our big 15-litre paint pot so will have to go to B&Q again to get more. This was rather inconvenient considering we were in a national lockdown! We tried to get a click and collect order. However, the Harry Potter glow in the dark wallpaper Emily wanted wasn’t available for this so we had to Drive and actually go in. We decided to wait until just before closing hoping it will be quieter.

Thursday 11th June:

Our B&Q plan last night was spot on! We timed it very well arrived an hour before closing and it was dead we basically had the whole shop to ourselves! No Pacman shopping for us lol.

This morning we got up early to make a start on Emily’s room again. I do have to say for the smallest room in the house it has been the biggest pain in the ass so far! If I survive this without going completely crazy it will be a miracle. (ok so any crazier than I already am! 🤪)

We did however finally finish the Painting!! whoop whoop!

Breakdown anyone? Thank god for the weekend!

Friday 12th June:

Today was Meltdown city! For me not the kids. Joys of Aspergers and ADHD you never know whats going to trigger you when you start to get tired.

So as you probably guessed, today wasn’t great. We did, however, manage to put the wallpaper up.

Then it fell off the wall again while we had lunch!!!! so the Wallpaper refused to stay up.

We finally got a piece to stay up and as I was cutting the last pile I must have cut my finger. therefore when I without thinking shook my hand I covered the paper with blood so down that came too.

We finally got all of it up just to have disater hit! That evening while trying to put the bed back in place it caught the new paper and tore!

This is when I lost my 💩 and threw my toys out of the pram.
Much to the entertainment of Jessica and Thomas.

Poor Duncan walks in to the older two doing what they could to help while laughing at me shouting at the wall ho much i hated it and threatening it with a sledge hammer.

Thankfully for the house, I couldn’t find our sledgehammer! Duncan has pledged to never bring it back from France at this point lol.

Just as I thought I was ready to tape Emily’s room up and never speak to it again, the door went and my switch was flipped as my new carpet spot cleaner arrived! Happy days, but too tired to play decided to give up for the day and start again tomorrow.

Painting Disaster! Spot Cleaner to the rescue!!!

Saturday 13thJune:

Waking feeling much better Emily’s room finally finished Last piece of paper replaced and slowly putting Emily’s room back together.

I started to carry her dolls house back in (not wise for someone with NO spacial awareness by this point in the week). As I turn I hit something don’t notice straight off, Place dools house to a “mum paint!”.

Turn around and notice a new pot of Gloss paint over turned and leaking! On my hall carpet (the one carpet in the house I love to pieces!).

so after scrapping it all up back into another nearly empty pot while cursing the world.

Duncan arrives to see what had happened now, quietly disappears and returns with my new spot cleaner out of its box and goes off to set it up.

Every highly strung emotional wreck needs a Duncan! seriously mellow man to the rescue.

An hour of cleaning later one saved carpet and two finished kids rooms!

I saved the carpet and you would never know it had happened even the spot cleaner came up amazingly well seriously love the thing!

So after the mass mental breakdown at the thought of messing up my favourite carpet, I got back in the saddle completed the girls rooms got the washing away and sorted the bathroom and then had a very long bath! Somedays you just have to soak away the drama lol.

Sunday 14th June:

Safe to say that today after 2 bad days I have decided No decorating for me today!

So got up and walked the dogs with Duncan instead.

The girls are loving their new rooms and happily pottering in them playing and drawing (Jessica already having started Pride rock by the time we got home!

Thomas was happy on his computer. So Duncan and I sat watching youtube. Watching those who have completed the longer American trails we hope to do oneday including the PCT continual divide and the triple crown.

So ends our one Week, with 2 completed rooms!

Not a bad end to a week that for a moment looked like it was going to end badly. We all survived our week to read more about our lockdown redecorating antics you can find them here.

If you would like Emily’s wallpaper from hell (on a serious note it wasn’t the wallpaper but the oil-based paint on the walls from the old owner that caused our issues) you can grab your little witch or wizard theirs here.

Jessica’s room is now a blank canvas but won’t be for long to see her room progress these posts are here.