Welcome to our Lockdown week 8, More painting, and maybe a little bit of mild demolition. Not forgetting the trip to Downton to deliver mum a care package.

Monday 11th:

Isolation day 49:

Today was schoolwork in the morning as normal then in the afternoon I painted both sides of the kitchen door. Doesn’t sound like much but the door took ages.

Tuesday 12th:

Isolation day 50:

After schoolwork, we started painting toms bedroom door, painting kitchen woodwork and the woodwork under the stairs and in the main storage cupboard. we also made a food shopping list.

Wednesday 13th:

Isolation day 51:

Today we started decorating toms bedroom. we also ripped out all the old phone lines. As these were everywhere it was a little involved as ran through 3 rooms and the hall!

Therefore our newly painted hall ended up back in the not finished category again. However, it was worth it to get rid of all the phone sockets dotted around the house.
We kept the girls busy giving them Tom’s bookcase to paint while Tom and I painted his whole room.

Well actually the arch was done by Jessica and I as the yellow grey line had to be perfect.

Thursday 14th:

Isolation day 52: Today we finished off toms room before having a mass tidy up ready to start painting again!

Then I painted the room of requirements, put toms curtains up covering the arch. Due to the extra stuff in the Dining room we had dinner in the garden.

Friday 15th:

Isolation day 53:

Today was the end of mums week off. Therefore we went to deliver some meals to last her a fortnight.

My mum works in a doctors surgery. Due to Covid, they work Full and long week on. Followed by a week in isolation, as mum isn’t allowed to go out her week off. Furthermore, she is not meant to mix on her week on either. As a result, she has been struggling to get her shopping. She isn’t good with online so the family have all been stepping up and getting it for her.

This week was our week so we are having a day off to pop her over a food care package.

Thankfully it was a beautiful day so we didn’t have to do a straight run there and back. We sat on the grass in the front Garden and talked to her through her window. We stayed an hour chatting making sure she had everything she needed for the next 2 weeks before leaving.
The car greatly appreciated the run and get the kids enjoyed time out of the house.

Saturday 16th:

Isolation day 54:

As we started to get everything back into the room of requirements. We re-organised all the school draws. filed old work organised their books etc.

Sunday 17th:

Isolation day 55:

Finally finished the room of requirements today and blitzed the house while the girls did their school work.

We spent the afternoon planting up the girls’ seeds.

I also went to do the tiles in the bathroom, only to find we had the wrong grout.

Thankfully, B&Q were allowed to reopen this week. As online sources have really hiked the prices up dramatically and a small £20 pot of paint rose to £60!

So we left it until about 5 pm to head to B&Q to grab more paint and tile adhesive.

B&Q had an amazing system in place. A very big well done to all staff and those who decided how to organise a safe shop.
It’s a brilliant system. Shopping was still a lot like real-life Pac man. However, their well thought out and executed system did make it easy to keep the distance.