Amazing Easter fun at HEaT! With Easter next week this was our last meet this term.

Today was the first day of the groups extended hours it now goes on till 2pm. Although it must have been much later than that by time we left we all enjoyed the sunshine too much.

This week as Easter is at the end of the week. So they had Easter activities on. Activities included making little yellow chicks,. learned about why Easter moves each year. Turns out is is all dependant on when the full moon is after the 21st march. If the Full moon lands on a Sunday it would be the week after. The Children all did some colouring and a big bug hunt. They found many spiders, woodlouse, lady birds, ants and a green fly.

It was a great day and enjoyed every minute of our Amazing Easter fun at HEaT out in the sunshine.

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Amazing Easter fun at HEaT doing easter activities