When we heard of a new group in Tidworth we had to go Exploring this new Home Education group. Home Educators at Tidworth (or HEaT because who likes long winded names lol), is being run by organisers Phillip and Mandy.

Today was the first of the Tidworth group meetings. I have to admit I am hopeful this will work well. It is a good match to the sort of thing we want to do with our group.

Today was more about the PhillipĀ and Mandy getting to know everyone. They were taking the opportunity to find out what it is that we are hoping to get out of the group. They also used it to let us know what sort of direction they hoped the group would go.

There isn’t really much to tell at the moment. But the interest was there so hopefully it will all go head. There isn’t a group near us in Amesbury so it would be great to have a group near us.

Especially to find one wants it to be an educational group rather than a social group. Finger crossed it all works out and there will be many posts to come about them. Also lets face it its always fun Exploring a new Home Education group.

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