Today was Friday 29th April 2011 and the day of Celebrations of the Royal wedding! Kate Middleton and married Prince William.

Celebrations of the Royal Wedding!

The Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace on 29th April 2011: The Bride and Groom, TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the centre with attendants, (clockwise from bottom right) The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Miss Eliza Lopes, Miss Grace van Cutsem, Lady Louise Windsor, Master Tom Pettifer, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton, Taken in the Throne Room. Picture Credit: Photograph by Hugo Burnand

So we put structured learning to one side for the and and instead made it all about fun!

We had a lovely day which started with the watching of the wedding. There we all were gathered around the TV waiting for the glimpse of Kate’s dress like the rest of the world.

Then had a bit of lunch and the kids went off to play, While us adults sat chatting.
Roddy was in his element as all the children had a cuddle and play with him.

9 Children 2 Adults and a park full of fun.

Mandy and I then took all 9 children to the park while the BBQ Was lit and prepared for a big BBQ. Those left behind continued to watch the Royal wedding’s festivities on the TV

So off we go with Mandy’s Girls of 13 and 11. Mandi’s Boys Jack 7 and Rory 4. Nicki’s Gemma17, Connor 15 and Rhys 11. Our three of Thomas 7, Jessica 5 and Emily 18months.

One of the things I love the most is the way Home Educated children play they look after each other. The children played on the Zip wire and swings. They had a run around with the dogs playing chase. They had a cracking time

It’s a lovely sight seeing the older ones taking a young one by the hand. Naturally looking after them, making sure they stay close. Taking their hands protecting them when having to cross the road etc.

What Celebration of the Royal wedding would be complete without a BBQ?

We headed back to our house just in time to block off the BBQ with tables and get the food cooking.

Everyone then ate their fill and children went in to play on the PS3 us adults chatted more. Apparently thats all we do according to Thomas and Jack! lol.

After those who weren’t staying left. We then prepared the beds while the children left watched despicable Me. Then they all went to bed.

Thankfully almost as soon as their heads hit their pillows they were out for the count as I had some cleaning up to do before I hit the hay.

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