Today is Monday 2nd May 2011. We started the day in weekend mode as Duncan was still off work.

When Duncan’s off we like to take it easy. As he works 12 hour plus days rushing around. When he’s home we like to take things slower.

While he took the children and himself to get washed and dressed. I laid the table for breakfast and we then had a spot of breakfast. Emily played in her playpen next to Duncan and Thomas and Jessica went off to play. I did what I like doing best and started pottering about doing housework. Emily was a little poorly again so we like to keep her close when she’s not well. She has almost been poorly since birth. I always get extra cautious when she is poorly as we have had a few scary trips to A&E with her.

When she woke from her morning nap, we had some lunch. Then we prepared to wonder off to Alderbury for the afternoon.

This week we took Thomas’ bike and Jessica’s scooter with us so they could play with it. After 18 months of non stop OT Thomas had the muscle strength to be able to ride it. He still struggled on the grass but that didn’t stop him.

They spent most of their time on the field with their bike and scooter. The older children are fantastic with him and helps him when he starts to struggle by pushing him and encouraging him off the bike and onto a swing with them. I honestly have no regrets about Home educating them. When I think how little he would be able to do if he had stayed in school and hadn’t spent this past year building up his muscles. It really such a scary thought to think I would have kept him there believed the lies that he would never be able to do more if it hadn’t been for this incident that ended with his fractured face. He would still be sat having to be strapped to a chair to support his body.

It’s not been easy but It has definitely been worth it.

Monday 2nd May 2011 was just a lazy day and Alderbury with friends.

Girls at the park enjoying some nice weather and the swings.

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Update 2021: We didn’t know it then but Thomas was Dyspraxic. when I have time I will do a post about Thomas’ amazing progress from a little boy the school had to use aides. A little boy who struggled to stand or sit on a chair for more than 10 minutes. To the little boy who at this point was able to stay upright on a bike! (he still had stabilisers but even so we were proud) His OT was amazed at his progress as Just as we took him out of school he was prepared to say he was unlikely to progress further. The school claimed to do the 1.5 of the 3 hours a day therapy he should have a day and he wasn’t progressing. I am so proud of him (spoiler he’s now 17! and an amazing young man!)