Friday 15th April 2011

We watch the series I had recorded for the children about Wild Britian. This series with Ray Mears is incredible for those looking to learn more about British Wildlife.

Due to Virgin box issues, we could only watch the episodes I had recorded so far.
Today we had to have a Duvet day. A day when we took an easier approach to learning.

The series we watched was Wild Britain with Ray Mears and we recorded it off the Eden channel. Should you wish to learn more check out the Programmes Wiki Page here.

Wild Britain with Ray Mears

The programme is about Ray Mears and his journey into the world of British wildlife.

Poster for the Wild Britain with Ray Mears.

Season one is only 6 episodes long and the children watched them all with great interest.

Each episode is about a different kind of habitat found within Britain.

These included:

  • Deciduous Woodland.
  • Heathland, Meadows and Farmland.
  • Wetlands.
  • Shingle Shore.
  • Moorland.

In each habitat, they were introduced to different British Animals. Through this series, they were provided with the chance to see that our country is full of fascinating wildlife.

The programme showed the vital links between the plant, animal and insect worlds, as well as the role of man and how we have shaped and changed the landscapes forever changing the natural habitats. It also highlighted how our precious fauna and flora needs to be allowed to keep the right balance to ensure no more of our species becomes extinct. all the while also explaining how some species have become extinct because of the changes those before us have made. 

He also examines how the wild animals and plants of our countryside reflect five millennia of human history. I was hoping that His passion and knowledge would encourage them to discover the hidden world of plants, insects and animals so when we explore the field opposite they would want to discover it with their mini beast jars.


This series is definitely worth watching to learn more about our country and its natural fauna and flora

When I recorded this, It was done in the hope it would be as good as was. Hoping it is to help show them if you just take the time to stop and look around quietly you can see and reflect on the beautiful countryside around them. I wanted them to get excited about where we live and not take it for granted.

We thought it was important to give them a chance to see the animals and landscapes that we have in this country.

For more on their Animal or wild based projects have a nosey here. or for more of our day to day life here.