Here you will find a selection of what we call Down day learning. What I mean by that is learning that can be done on those days when your child may not be so willing or able to learn in the more traditional ways.

Having SEND Children is hard, trying to get one to learn everything they need to know can be harder so I try to use as many different ways as possible including YouTube Videos.

Crash Course –

Child Friendly Educational YouTube videos on many subjects. These video courses are a fun way for a child to learn. Each video course is well laid out and fun. –

Em really enjoyed these courses, I have found these courses have been done so well. It is so easy to get even the most stubborn refuser to learn from these series of videos. My youngest em can be hard to get to engage on bad days but she loved these and there is a whole range of subjects to choose from. fantastic find

The Kid Should See This – Wide range of educational videos (US based) 

Emily really enjoyed this site, she spent hours watching multiple videos during her wind down time. Especially helpful for parents which children who need calmer learning opportunities for when their child is in burnout after a busy day.