So we may have gained an extra two Turtles.

2020 update our tank today!

We are still undecided on their names at the moment but we are either going down the route of reef and sea in Japanese or more Warlords.

My suggestion was they did a little research into the Japanese warlords and see if their personalities seemed similar.

Thomas thinks we should perhaps keep to Japanese sea-related names to match Kaiyo but he also likes the idea of more warlords in the house lol.

We took some time keeping 3 tanks then slowly progressed to bring the little stinkpot in with Kaiyo and our two reeves. Then slowly introduced the oldest and new stinkpot into the big tank the new turtles came with.

Once they were all getting along and settled we decided to redesign their tank. We did loads of investigation to find how to do it the best ways too within our budget. It was exciting the turtles wouldn’t be able to use the tank for a few weeks but it was fun getting it all set up.

For our Filter Media, we went with the following. I have listed these from bottom to top in our canister filter. our filter has 4 separate layers within it.

  • Biohome (sintered glass media) filter noodles
  • Bioceramic filter noodles
  • Evolution Aqua plastic things with the course blue filter pad on top
  • bagged Carbon media the other both covered with filter fluff and the finer white filter pad (both pictured) on top

When we could finally add them they had the water mixed up again in minutes of release!

We all had fun learning about the best way to set this tank up to about how to offer the turtles the best conditions we can. It has been interesting learning about the natural behaviours of turtles.

2020 update: Our old filter is still available to buy here it was absolutely fantastic it was about 20 years old when ours packed in and we decided to replace it with a slightly cheaper option this time with this one here.