Our 30 days wild challenge has started! June is one of our Favourite times of the year, it’s the time the wild awakens and the natural world starts to shine. Birdsongs, Bright green grass, bugs galore there is so much to see and hear it’s beautiful.

This week is a little different as we made up for the big wild weekend camp after the Offical 30 days wild ends.

Due to weather and medication issues causing the need to cancel plans. We found ourselves missing some of our 30 days wild. However, we have no plans to stop our Wild adventures here.

Our 30 Days Wild Day 29 Camp preperation

Planning our “Big Wild Camp” today. So we started to plan Jessica’s Birthday wild hike. Then went on to plan the first Family camp of the year.

Started by planning where to go for each and planning the route for Jessica’s wild hike and activities for the other.

Then we decided to check to ensure we had everything we needed for the planned trips. Also Writing a list of missing items and started to cost these items.

30th Day: Last offical day

Today the Girls both had their Eye tests at Specsavers. We brought some lunch from Greggs and ate it alfresco on seating under a big tree in town. Enjoyed popping into our favourite Warminster shop to buy my shampoo bar.

We also enjoyed looking at all the colours we found in the plants outside B&M when went in looking for a 500ml dispenser to be able to buy refills for liquid shampoo and conditioner for the girls. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find what we wanted with them.
Stupidly the soap dispensers available in shops do NOT state the quantity of liquid they hold. Ok, we appreciate soaps come in different consistencies. However, these will all be designed and tested on the market average consistency to ensure they work surely? Therefore it wouldn’t be hard for them to state a rough estimate on them to help consumers.

We have decided to buy the bottled version the first time around and decanter it into the chosen dispensers we found from Superdrug. These dispensers we chose had as few plastic parts as possible and were £5 each.

Our ongoing adventures making up our missed activities

June may be over now but we didn’t get to do a few of the things we wanted to do over the month due to weather and other problems. I had with new medication therefore we have decided that our 30 days wild will continue, Therefore I will continue to add these items as we do them to the 30 Days Wild project for inspiration for us and others next year. These can be found here.

We used the OS maps app to plan this alongside the OS Map both available here.