Today is Monday 23rd May 2011 and the children started as normal with breakfast teeth and a dance. after which we finished of the rotas and check sheets for their animal mini project.

This week they have extra responsibilities in line with their animal projects.

mini project: Learning to care for pets.

This week they are looking after the animals. We sat down and decided who was going to take care of what pets and put the information into a rota. They also have little check lists for each pet.


His Rabbit Roddy until Thursday – check list includes Feeding nuggets, greens and hay. letting him out or putting him in his run and bringing him in at night. cleaning and refilling both his water bottles. Roddy is a very spoilt bunny who lives indoors with us allowed to come and go from his cage as he wills it. during the day he has an outdoor cage for winter use which if we are at home we leave open and he wonders the garden freely. If we go out he has the run attached to the outside hutch (for his safety). He comes in every night.

Our Gorgeous Rex Rabbit Roddy he is 4 years old and I am not sure he realises he’s a rabbit!

Fish every other day – This includes checking to make sure the temperature is ok. Checking that the filter is clean and fully functioning and feeding them.

Tessa – Thomas is also in charge of helping Emily check to ensure the cats feeder has food in it every morning.

Tessa our beautiful cat 3 years old


Charm until Thursday -Looking after a dog includes Feeding her. Checking her water bowl has clean water in it. Pooh picking the Garden. Making sure she goes to the loo and has her bed and water when we have to go out. Walking her (obviously we all do this but now Jessica has charms lead).

The best dog anyone can ask for she is 10 and absolutely the perfect dog

Fish- she is also doing the fish every other day

Tessa – She is helping Emily in the afternoon check the cat food. Tessa has a tower filled bowl so it actually only needs filling once a week but Emily wanted to join in.

It has been quiet interesting because up to now other than Charmy who comes everywhere with us. They have had very little to do with her care other than playing and grooming when they felt like it. She has always been My dog.

They helped out with all the animals would feed them from time to time. Thomas has always been made to take “responsibility” of Roddy so would cuddle him, play with him, give him treats and take him for walks. (yes Roddy loves being with us and would often try to follow us out the door so if he could go we took him.) But we have never relied on him to do so. It has been lovely seeing them take an interest in caring for them now.

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