Well, this summer has gone by so fast! This is going to be a long enough post anyway so here are some of our highlights from summer!

Obviously 2 birthdays was the most important things that happened over summer! 2 trips to Center Parcs with friends for the pools and Cake lots of cake!

The Best Family bits

Stourhead (or course we love the place lol)

Time with our favourite boys our time with them also came to an end as Cheeky went to a riding school.

Then Jessica went off with Grandad for a month.

Then we went to a pet shop (I know big mistake) and came back with 2 sets of new pets ????

First set of New pets (fish this time)

2 reeves Turtles to keep Kaiyo company called Hideyoshi and Oda warlords who helped unite Japan.

Then was Bristol!

The balloon festival was as ever amazing! Actually even more so than normal, due to the weather they weren’t allowed to set off.

Therefore instead they put on an open burner display that was so much more amazing than the balloons. I love the balloons too but wow seriously just wow. This display really made standing in the rain all day well worth it.

Longleat Dinosaurs……

Life stuff…..

a weekend for two booked…..

more rock Finding and Hiding…….

Emily’s find!

origami fun…….

Everything else!

We got up to so much it would go on forever to fit it all in but here is more highlights.

Our meal out was at the Old Fire Station in Warminster and I highly recommend it amazing place. the Staff were so friendly, beautiful pizzas and great place to unwind (especially as this meal came because of Duncan’s need to play with power tools in the cupboard renovation left us kitchenless lol.

All in all a great summer.

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