Catch up time!, Its been so busy here in the new Brown home. Between work, unpacking, housework, birthdays, home ed and generally life in general. I am falling behind on my posting.

So here’s what they have been up too,

  • Christmas tree making with granny
  • Festival of Lights
  • Learning interesting facts about what Christmas was in the past
  • Finishing the final pieces to our home ed project which sadly won’t be gracing our walls this year
  • English and maths with Paul
  • Reading with nanna and granny
  • New spellings idea for Emily Family interactive games time!
  • Obviously home made pizzas
  • Post dog walk hot chocolates
  • Found the flash cards!! (only Been missing for 3 months lol)
  • Putting up of Emily’s Birthday tree
  • Decorating with Emily’s Birthday decorations

Oh and then there is also:

  • Decorating for our Christmas
  • Snow!! Ok didn’t really lay but still fun to play with
  • Looking at different materials and learning which are good or bad for our environment and why, they also found out why umbrellas aren’t made from cardboard ????

Today is emilys birthday so we are making cookies with Paul this morning and then a Swimming birthday treat at Center parcs happening later today followed by Emily’s friend coming for birthday tea and cake then we are off to see Jessica in her panto this evening!

Then Saturday is a fun packed day of Santa train for Emily, big disco with all their friends and then in the dark mouse hunt for tom!