What started as an adult-only weekend-long hike and wild camp in Dartmoor quickly grew to A shortened hike and Wild camp for 4.

Packing for our Weekend hike and wild camp

The first step is getting all your gear ready, We splashed out and replaced some of our gear this year. It’s shocking really when you see how much stuff fit into 3 backpacks.

Obviously after you have packed each bag once each has to be taken out again double checked and repacked again. Duncan made sure all of our boots were cleaned and dubbed.

Day one Avon Dam to camping spot!

After filling the car with our bags we crammed in and headed on the long drive to Dartmoor.

Even though we arrived early to Dartmoor many of the car parks were full already. thankfully we found space in our desired car park.

We then all piled out of the car to stretch our legs and grab some breakfast.

Thankfully the food truck had appeared and we got a nice warm breakfast before heading out on our trip.

We left out and headed out on our planned trail up past Avon Dam.

Once we arrived at the dam the views were so beautiful we stopped for a quick drink to enjoy the views while there was no one around.

Soon back on our feet and we headed around the Dam and along the stream hitting our first hurdle where we stopped for emily to rest her legs a minute.

Up going again we continued to follow the river and then crossed over and headed up the hillside just as the wind and rain came.

Finally reaching the top just to descend down the other side and join the main path. After a short walk, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Here we stopped at some ruins the perfect spot for lunch.

Onwards we walked across the moors across a stream where we lost the path we were due to take so we continued along around the current hill by this time we are now nearing 8 pm so we started looking for places to camp for the night.

We knew we needed access to water so when we found a stream we followed it up. and after about another hours walking we found an amazing site just in time before the light started to fail.

Day two: return trip

Today we basically reversed our walk yesterday. After refilling our water bottles, dismantling the tents and repacking up it was just past 8 am before we set off back.

We decided upon a slight 2-mile detour on route back to the car. We did this to try and find the missing path we found it but it was in complete disuse and nature had no made it unpassable, no wonder we missed it the night before.

Thankfully today the weather was much better and the river had lowered slightly which meant we could actually pass while staying on the bridal path today whereas yesterday we had to walk 1/2 mile out of our way to find a safe place to pass due to the downpours throughout yesterday.

We took a detour up a hill to get a few shots of the moors before heading carefully through the un pathed moor. I used it as an opportunity to teach the girls the signs of bog and unsteady ground as we made our way bath to path.

We were soon back on the main way and heading back towards our perfect lunching spot from yesterday.

We had a fantastic bit of luck as the sun came out and we had our homeward bound picnic in the sunshine and could even put some layers away!

after lunch we reached the hill again and this time without rain and strong winds got to really enjoy the beauty of it.

Last leg before homeward bound

After we made it back to Avon dam we had one last stop before heading back down the path to the car.

We arrived at the car while the snack van was still there and we grabbed a bacon buttie each before piling in the car for a quick group shot before driving home.