Day 2 saw us celebrating a Special 76th Birthday Early with a Wild adventure. We had an absolutely action packed yet completely relaxing day even with an unexpected issue raise it’s head.

A Special Birthday Adventure

Sunday (4th) will be Duncan’s mum’s 76th Birthday. For several reason’s we decided to celebrate her birthday early. Not only do our plans include the Brantome Market which only happens on Fridays, so we planned a special day to spoil mum rotten.

Brantome Market

Our first stop was Brantome Market, We enjoyed a slow wonder around grabbed a host of fruit and goodies. While wondering around we found Fish in the river, an amazing Moth drinking nectar from flowers that cover the edges of the river.

We ended back at the car to discover the Key fob battery had died! so while duncan went for a hunt for a replacement we sat at Le Coligny and had a drink while we waited. Eventually the amazing staff helped us find our replacement battery. Back on the road we headed towards stop 2.

le Jardins Tranquilles

A short drive down the road from the market we headed to le jardins tranquilles. This amazing gardens is currently owned by ex pats who have done an amazing job keeping up this beautifully planned garden designed by Jean-Pierre Texier who was born in a neighbouring village.

Words can not describe the amazingly calm and absolute beauty of these amazing gardens. Mum loves her gardens and this one did not disappoint anyone.

Down into the caves!

Next stop is a favourite of ours and allowed mum a chance for a snooze in the car. We headed to Grottes de Villars. We haven’t been here since 2019 but they had made some changes and this made it so much better for the kids.

Emily and Jessica did a little prospecting sieving out to find hidden gems in a bag of sand, Emily naturally loved this. Then we made our way down to the Cave entrance after doing a little shopping for Jamie and Connor. Once in the caves it has a No photo policy so we brought postcards and below I will add the pictures from those postcards.

We ended day 2 of our 30 days wild with a dinner out and a very tired family. You can follow this years and previous years 30 Day Wild days here. Also as ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram.