After a “holiday” Full of chores, we still found time to chill and relax with the girls in the evenings taking them wild swimming at St Estephe lake. Especially as we prepare to head home from France we used every opportunity to head there and We planned to end the next few days by ear enjoying moments of fun and relaxation when we could.

Today was particularly gruelling due to the heat. After a long hard day of washing, packing and other general chores to prepare for our journey home Thursday. Today we decided to end the hot day which got up to 45 degrees C at the local Swimming lake. The girls both loved the wild swimming.

This man made lake is free to residents and tourists alike. It is absolutely beautiful and really makes any day end well.

We munched on Frites while there enjoying a “dinner” while lazing at the lake. The Girls enjoyed the cool down of a dip!

We ended day 5 of our 30 days wild with a dinner out and a very tired family. You can follow this years and previous years 30 Day Wild days here. Also as ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram