So as with each year we have been doing the 30 days wild challenge. this years 30 days wild 2023 adventures are below!

30 days wild with the Wildlife trust

30 Days wild 2023 – In France!

(Thursday) Day 1: bug hunts and thunderstorm from a distance

(Friday) Day 2: A Special Birthday Adventure including prospecting, garden exploration, car key mishap Brantome market, caves etc

(Saturday) Day 3: log cutting, cake making, outside listening to birds and crickets

(Sunday) Day 4: loft area clean up, old birds nest, bugs on daisies outside BBQ becomes an Indoor one due to rain. Special birthday.

(Monday) Day 5: trip to st Estephe Grande etang for wild swimming

(Tuesday). Day 6: sat and watched the thunderstorm over the house in France. Emily missed due to over tired seeing a couple of birds of Prey during the drive to the local recycling center (dechetterie) and passing a beautiful château

(Wednesday) Day 7: packing up walk to say goodbye and cake making lessons for a friend (marble cakes)

(Thursday) Day 8: the travel up France maybe no chances?

30 Days wild 2023 – In UK

(Friday)Day 9: home at last! Evening meal of fish and chip

(Saturday) Day 10: Garden Discoveries – Bird bones and more

(Sunday) day 11: tending our plants morning coffee outside

(Monday) Day 12: Flowers! Our hard work starting to Bloom! Fixing our pallet sofa

(Tuesday) Day 13: Rudolph ate my headphones! (coffee in the garden and melt downs)

(Wednesday) Day 14: Maths with Miele and listening to bird song

(Thursday) Day 15: Too hot for the dog! too hot and too tired so genshin with windows and doors open

(Friday) Day 16: Meltdown central

(Saturday) Day 17: From patio to Pumpkin bed! (belatedly updated on social media)

(Sunday) Day 18: Fathers Day with the Rotavator! our new beds!

(Monday) Day 19: More Maths with Miele and A hospital trip

(Tuesday) Day 20: Longleat Walking Koala!

(Wednesday) Day 21: Picnic and Trainspotting the Flying Scotsman!

(Thursday) Day 22: Birdies and more Hospital

(Friday) Day 23: Painting deck chairs and dads kitchen stool

(Saturday) Day 24: Big Shed debacle Wood shop lesson

(Sunday) Day 25: Family BBQ at Uncle Lennie’s

(Monday) Day 26: Forest Waddle

(Tuesday) Day 27: Burnout garden chilling and plant care

(Wednesday) Day 28: Burnout day 2 Jigsaw with a fresh breeze

(Thursday) Day 29: Succulents and a little well! And an EHCP review

(Friday) Day 30: Wild patch appreciation! Start of Em’s plant sale

RHS Gardening awards 2 During her 30 days wild 2023

During our 30 Days wild Emily successfully completed her level 2 RHS School gardening award. We managed every single day. This page will eventually be linked to individual blog or social media posts from the days depending on how much we actually did that day or if I posted on social media.

We are having to change how we blog because of my conditions flaring up. Also as ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram