Thunderstorms and Bug hunting in France is how we spent our time of the 2023 day one of our 30 days wild. Being in France we had a whole lot of chores to complete and not long to do it which sadly limited our time to spend on todays challenge.

However we managed a good 2 hours thanks to a passing Thunderstorm!

With the house at the top of a hill overlooking a valley we had a front row seat of watching a thunderstorm pass us by.

Bug Hunts French style.

Well I say bug hunt but today the Bug in question found us and we helped staff rescue this beauty from a shop. We spotted this little guy fly into the Brico Marche in Cussac while we were there after a trip to the Dechetterie


We spent a whole 2 hours watching a thunderstorm pass us by today We spent so long trying to get a video of the thunder claps and lightning lighting up the sky we actually only got one Photo. I will eventually try to piece the videos together and add them to our Youtube account when I find the time and brain power.

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